About Fowler Construction

Fowler Construction Inc. is spearheaded by Bret W. Fowler and supported by a dedicated team of experienced craftsmen. Bret has been building on the Monterey Peninsula for over twenty years specializing in custom homes, additions, and remodels. Most of our team has been with us since the beginning, indicating Fowler Construction’s stability and longevity.

With Fowler Construction, you can expect competitive pricing and a project that stays within budget.

Fowler Construction is diversified in all aspects of home building, handling everything from foundation to cabinets. (See a Sampling of our Projects). Fowler construction is proud to use sustainable building practices, doing everything we can to reduce our environmental impact during the building process. No job is too small, and each job receives Bret’s personal attention.

The majority of our projects have been located in Carmel, Pebble Beach, Carmel Valley, Monterra, and Pacific Grove.

We are deeply committed to a mutually rewarding contractor-client relationship and we look forward to helping you with your project in whatever stage it may be in.